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a.a. Always afloat. Provision in charter-party that the vessel
must remain afloat at all times when loading and discharging.

A* & C.P.  Anchors and chains proved.

Abandonment. To give up the possession of a vessel, usually
when in a position of danger.

Act ol God. Any act which could not have been prevented by
human intervention or forethought.

Ad valorem. According to the value.

Ad valorem duty. A duty based upon the value of the goods.

Ad valorem freight. Freight chargeable on the value of the goods
shipped and not on weight or measurement.

Advance notes. A draft upon the owners of a vessel for wages in
advance given to the seaman upon signing articles.

a.!. Advance freight.   Freight paid in advance.

AJreigktment. A contract for the carriage of goods by sea,
expressed in a charter-party, or by the terms and conditions of a
bill of lading.

A/H. Antwerp-Hamburg range.

Arbitration. The process of submitting matters of dispute or of a
controversial nature to the judgment of an agreed person, or persons,
without applying to courts for a settlement.

Arbitration award. The decision of arbitrators.

Bailee. Person to whom goods are entrusted for a special purpose.

Barratry* Fraudulent act on the part of the master and/or crew
of a vessel without the connivance of the owners.

B.C. Bristol Channel.

B.D. Bar draft. The amount of water over a bar measured at
the ebb tide.

B.E. Bill of entry; or bill of exchange.

B.H. Bill of health. Certificate issued by the Medical Officer of
Health for the port, giving a statement of the condition of the
health of the port or ship.

B/L. Bill of lading. A receipt for goods received for shipment or
shipped on board a steamer. It is a document of title, and whilst
not a contract, contains frima facie evidence of the terms and
conditions of such.

Bonded goods* Goods deposited in a bonded warehouse until such
time as the duty upon them has been paid.

B.O.T. Board of Trade.

Bottomry. Money borrowed upon a ship's hull, gear, and cargo
which is repayable with interest when the vessel returns to port in
safety. It is forfeited should the vessel sink.

Brokerage. Commission charged for securing and transacting
business connected with shipping.

B/S. Bill of sale.

b*t. berth terms.

Bunker. Space in which the fuel for the vessel is stored, or the
actual fuel itself.

B.. Bureau Veritas.

Cargo. Merchandise received on board a ship for carriage.